Followup visits
Followup care and treatment may require routine visits to our office for allergy injections monitoring for asthma and allergy conditions.

In addition, periodic visits may be scheduled to document your progress and to adjust your treatment program. We like to see our patients when they’re having symptoms as well and when they’re feeling well as we put a great deal of emphasis on preventative measures. If you need to see the physicians for acute symptoms we make every effort to see you same day.

Appointment Times
We will make every effort to see you within 10-15 min. of your scheduled appointment time. We understand that your time is as valuable as ours.

Unfortunately sometimes it may be difficult because of an emergency that we we cannot stay on schedule we make every effort to inform you preferably in advance of you’re coming to the office so you can make any necessary alternate plans.

If it is necessary for you to cancel a scheduled appointment, please call our office as soon as possible its especially important for the initial visits as we set aside 2 hours. We appreciate your calling us in case you cannot make an appointment so that this courtsy allows us to offer that time to another patient.

Allergy Injections
Allergy injections are given in our office Monday through Friday by appointment. We make every effort to accommodate your timeframe when you come in for your allergy injections simply sign in at the front desk and your injections will be prepared and administered within 10 min. We request that you. Wait 20-30 min. after the injection to be observed for any reaction that may occur. Therefore, please arrive at least 20 min. before our scheduled closing time .

Many patients require prescription medication for short-term or long-term maintenance therapy. We’re happy to call in for approved refills. You can also get your prescription refill at the time you come in for your allergy injections at in the interest of good medical care we require patients on maintenance therapy especially for asthma to be seen every 3-6 months.

Telephone Calls
The office staff has been trained to answer, and medical questions. If the nurse cannot answer the question. The question will be relayed to the physician or the physician assistant and will call you at our earliest opportunity your questions are very important to us however, we cannot always diagnose or treat your problem over the telephone. Therefore, we will ask you to come into our office if necessary.

Emergency Medical Care
All emergency calls her handle promptly severe allergic reactions, asthma episode, or any drug reactions. Please call our office promptly and we will try to see you right away or if necessary. Advised to go the emergency room. and we will follow up with E R

Dr. Sharma is on on the medical staff at St. Luke’s Hospital and Lehigh Valley Hospital. He is also available for area physicians who may request inpatient consultations and we are happy to provide that.

Fees and Payments
We are concerned about the cost of healthcare and our goal is to provide the best medical care at a reasonable cost. Our charges are one of the lowest in the area we like to keep our fees that way, however, when the cost of the allergy extracts go up, we may need to pass on that cost to the patient. Allergy care is covered by most of the insurance companies. However, their coverage may very please call your insurance company to be fully aware of any limitations of the benefits provided.

*We will automatically submit your insurance bills to the primary and secondary insurance for all services rendered. please provide us with complete and updated. Insurance information it is important that insurance information is Current and the address current.it is your responsibility to keep us informed off any insurance changes.

If you’re insurance plan requires a written referral form for authorization of treatment it is your responsibility to obtain the form. If you request treatment and you do not have a valid referral form you may be liable for the charges incurred.

Copayment’s and Deductibles
We expect payment of the copayment or coinsurance portion of the part at the time services rendered charge is applied to your yearly deductible by your insurance company